F/W 18'

“F/W 18’ is inspired from the 70s and 80s nightlife culture of New York City. My goal was to recreate the feeling of going to a club and being VIP when attending. To create the feeling of a memorable night out on the town, I explored six concepts that involved attending a club. Music, Sexual Desire, Drugs, Club Flyers, Club Name, and the Lifestyle. These feelings and experiences create the tone for collection that relays through the rest of the styles. To translate the story, each concept was related to a specific club from the 70’s and 80’s through symbolism that was put on the T-Shirts.

With F/W 18’ I designed a Guest Access VIP Pass that comes with every purchase from the collection. A QR code is located on the front of each pass that is scannable and tells the story of the collection. My thought behind this was to make the consumer feel like they just scanned their access card to experience a night attending “Concrete Nightlife”. As this is the debut collection of the brand I wanted to invite my consumer into the brand in a unique and personal way. The experience and interaction with my customer is the most important thing to me. I hope you enjoy your night at “Concrete Nightlife”, may your night be never ending.“ - Cameron Bates

Below shows the story connected to each club through the T-Shirts. Which shirt best relates to your night at “CONCRETE NIGHTLIFE”?

Club Flyer

Club flyers were used to heavily promote theme nights for clubs in the 70’s – 80’s. This flyer represents the theme night “FAR OUT” for "Concrete Nightlife". The date was Madonna’s debut performance at the iconic club "Danceteria". This performance was known as her "breakout performance", in correlation to the debut collection as a brand.

Object of Desire

This tee is inspired from the "Love" and sexual desire that nightlife brings out in people. At night people would tend to have an object of desire while attending a club. Whether it was drugs or somebody, the desire to have it lured the whole night. The wording comes from the iconic club "Danceteria" with a custom graphic on the back depicting the well-known artist of this era "Sade". She is asking the one-night question "Is it love baby?"

Pleasure Discipline

This tee depicts the "Drug fueled" aspect of nightlife in the 70s-80s. “Pleasure Discipline” comes from the iconic club "Danceteria”. This was one of the catchy sayings they would promote on flyers to lure people to attend. The back graphic explores the depths of trying any drug possible. "Indulge in your wildest dreams".

The Dawn Patrol

"The Dawn Patrol" is a term coined by Mark Fleischman, Co-owner of Studio 54. He described the Dawn Patrol as the group of kids who never slept and nonstop partying ruled their lifestyle. They would stay late at Studio 54 till 4am only to hop in Limousines and travel to the Meatpacking District to party on till 12pm the following day. The front graphic depicts Studio 54’s iconic font. Are you apart of the "Dawn Patrol"?

Age of Influence

“Age of Influence" is inspired from the club "Paradise Garage" depicting the palm tree from their iconic logo. The back of this shirt depicts the speaker used in the club with wording describing the sound system by an actual club goer. Paradise Garage was known for having the best sound system in the city and "Saturday Mass" was a term coined by the DJ of the club, Larry Levan, describing his world-famous DJ sets that would take place at the club.

Concrete Nightlife

This tee represents the club name and collection title for F/W 18’. “Concrete Nightlife” is a fictitious club created by Cameron Bates that provides the consumer with visceral entertainment through a wearable story and experience. The back of this tee is referencing the length of some dance sets back in the day which some tended to last 12 hours.